The Blocks shown here as examples of my embroidery work, were designed as applique joy, but I have put my own spin on them to show students what handwork, when done using simple, but unexpected techniques, can really become an expression in our creative journeys. Through applique and embroidery, we can experience the relief and peace that creativity gives us. To embellish our applique with small meaningful ideas and notions, is part of our creative journey. Working on our blocks gives us a place of refuge to be able to express our deeper feelings. Please bring your blocks or quilts (finished or unfinished of any designs) from home and we will spend time with embroidery to take your applique to new heights.

Required $20. Class Handout and Kit Fee includes most everything needed to make our stitches. You will just need to bring your Basic Sewing Preferences such as personal light, embroidery scissors


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