#14 – CINDY ORAVECZ “The Bell Basket”antique basket block – Two Day Feb 6-7 Tues - Wed


The Bell Basket

Foxglove, Canterbury Bells, Blue Bells, Bleeding Heart, Lilac and a Rose are among the greenery in the Bell Basket. This is one of the lost album blocks of Pauline Bryant that I will talk about in the evening lecture. This is a version of the Bell Basket from my book Into The Garden. Please look at the original Bell Basket pictured on my teacher biography page. We will be creating Pauline's basket from French wire ribbon. Flowers will be worked with cotton and silk fabric, silk ribbon and embroidery thread. These small flowers are fun to make. This basket is hand appliqued to a 16-inch background. You may choose to bring your own background fabric instead of the background fabric in the kit. A knowledge of the following stitches used in the bell basket is helpful -- couching, outline stitch, lazy daisy, loop, straight and bullion stitch. We will be ruching, hand appliqueing, pleating, gathering, stuffing, embroidering, fringing, beading and practicing calligraphy with the pigma pen. This block is heavily embellished and very dimensional but you may adjust the dimension to your own preference.  

Required Kit Cost (payable directly to Teacher in class): $35

Kit includes: 17-inch square background block, eight, 1/8 yard cuts of fabric for flowers, silk fabric/ribbon for rose, green fabric for leaves, 5 yards of French wire ribbon for basket, cotton piping, hand full of poly/wool stuffing, beads, silk and cotton embroidery floss, needles: milliner’s 9, embroidery 6, chenille 22 and an applique needle and eraseable mechanical pencil.     

Students should bring: Alternate background fabric cut 17-inches square, if desired; ruler, pins with heads, applique pins, sharp scissors, needles, thimble, fine chalk marker preferably a chalk mechanical pencil from Bohin or Fons & Porter, 8-inch square of muslin for practice, 5-inch hoop, 1 ½ yard of ¼-inch or 3/16-inch olive colored bias for stems, pigma pen .01 or .05., assortment of green fabrics for leaves, green DMC or other embroidery floss for practice, Into The Garden book by Cindy and assortment of polyester or cotton covered poly thread for flowers in pink, blue, lavender, purple, yellow, white, green and a simple working board 17-inches square.

To make a simple working board, cut a 17 or 18-inch square of foam board or corrugated cardboard. Glue, staple or tape white or off white thin batting or felt to the surface. Or a working board may be ordered in advance for $3 from the teacher at: cindyo@quiltersfancy.com

Skill Level: Motivated Beginner to Intermediate

Category: Technique/Project          Class Type: Hand

Please order with Cindy by Jan 1, 2018

WEBSITE:   www.quiltersfancy.com

EMAIL:  cindyo@quiltersfancy.com

     Some supplies are also available for purchase from teacher in class or TKDAA™ vendors.

Downloadable Supply List

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