#16 – MELISSA SIMROSS - “Raspberries Amongst the Vines” Antique Quilt Block – Two Day Class Feb 6-7 Tue-Wed


       Imagine what this beautiful, little silky sparrow must have been thinking to herself when she found  the abundance of berries all around! I do hope you will join me for this exciting class as we recreate another block from an antique quilt, circa 1849. Stitch to life this beautiful wreath of wildflowers as you learn a super easy way to accomplish smaller pieces. You won’t believe just how easy it is! It’s all in the tools  you use! Also learn my fun way of making bias stems and the little spin I put on them, adding “puffiness” for more realism. Then we will move on to the lovely embroidered leaves. You will be making bullion knots for the veins of the leaves with ease! This will be followed by the silk embroidery and embellishment of the lush raspberry blossoms. Finally we will finish off the class with the most exciting part of all…the plump, ripe  raspberries! I will teach you a new method for making these plump berries that is so vey addictive! You may not want to put your needle down!  I do hope you will join me for this really fun class! I would love to see you and share all of this with you!

Raspberries Amongst The Vines Optional Kit $125

If you are not purchasing the optional kit, please use this Basic Supply List as your guideline as to what to bring for class:

18 ½ x 18 1/2 background fabric - *Please bring this to class with register lines basted in already

Glue stick

Travel iron

Cheri’s Cool Tool (If you do not have one, please let me know by December 1st and I will bring one for you to purchase).


Freezer paper

Pressing mat

Foam board (Only a small one is needed)

Mary Ellen’s Best Press or Magic Sizing

Sharp, cut to the point scissors for fabric   (Kai preferably and available in class).

Paper scissors

Straight pins

Applique needles

Applique threads

Personal Ott Light and extension cord

Brush for sizing or Best Press along with a little bowl to put it in

Nymo beading thread in gold and red

Embroidery needles sizes 7-10

Micron marker in black

Morgan Hoop 5”/7” combo with lap stand (please let me know if you need to purchase one of these and I will bring it. These hoops are very helpful in some of the techniques we will cover. Also don’t worry. These are collapsible and very convenient for travel)!

Roxanne’s Glue Baste it

Size 18/22 Chenille needle for silk ribbon embroidery

Clover white marking pen

Fat quarter of muslin to practice on

Raspberries Amongst The Vines Optional Kit $125 includes:

Iridescent bead for bird eye, Fat eighth of 2 different blue Radiance for flowers, Size 8 & 11 red seed beads for raspberries (one Large Tube each), 1 2/3 yard yellow ribbon, 8” square dark green, medium dark green, light green batik and apple green


4” square brown Radiance, 3” square & 2” square brown/cream Radiance, 4” square cream Radiance, 3 yards 1” Hannah bias silk in pine needle, 12 yards 2mm white silk ribbon, ½ yard 1” Hannah bias silk ribbon in French Toast

I will be showing you a clever way to make the bird’s beak from the bias ribbon!

2 packages 3mm Swarovski bicone crystals in topaz


Soie de Paris #2125 & 3725, Soie d’Alger 2136, 2125 (2 skeins each!), Soie d’Alger 515, 2136, 2116 for stem stitches on leaves, Soie Sur Fine 2656, 2061, 2652, 2604 & 2533, Soie d’Alger 2513 for Colonial Knots on bow, Gold & Red Nymo Beading Thread

Please contact Melissa and reserve kit (payable directly to teacher in class) by Jan 1, 2018 at: victorianneedlelady@gmail.com

Downloadable Supply List