#5 – LINDA POOLE – “KISSED BY THE MOON” – Painting with Ink Pencils, Ink & More -  ONE DAY CLASS WEDNESDAY


Description:  Linda teaches you her techniques for working with inks, ink pencils, and ink blocks. Learn how to paint, blend and shade your sun and moon, while adding some whimsical doodling, to make it your own signature masterpiece!

Required $38 kit includes: color photographic instructions, ink pencils, textile medium, paint brushes, fabric marker, water-soluble glue stick, Kokeshi toothpicks, paint cups, inks for staining, background, uncoated paper plate, freezer paper, paper towels, master pattern, master pattern drawn on prepared for dyeing (pfd) cotton fabric, pre-cut circle on water soluble applique sheet, and baby wipes.

Supply List: Fabric scissors, Non-corrugated 8" x 10" cardboard, foam core, or poster board for painting on, Pre-moistened washcloth, inside a baggie, to keep fingers clean, Plastic container for water to clean brush

Skill level: Confident Beginner – Advanced           Category: Technique/Project             Class Type: Hand

Email: Linda@lindampoole.com

 OR lindampoolequilter@gmail.com

Website: www.lindampoole.com

Facebook: Linda M. Poole – The Magic of Applique

Downloadable Supply List