Alice Wilhoit

Alice doesn't remember a time when she was not doing something creative,learning and adopting new hobbies.  Sewing, needle work, painting and drawing, making her home lovely with color and pattern, she has always had an eye for beauty and aesthetic.  Some hobbies have come and gone as the excitement of "new" wore off, leaving projects in closets and inciting the search for "next!"  That search ended some 30 years ago when she took a class at a local quilt shop and found herself immersed in a world of infinite possibilities with fabric!  She has never looked back.  Alice has produced over 250 quilts, many of her own design.  She designs and publishes piecing, applique, and embroidery patterns; she has won competitions with these patterns and celebrated with students and customers, as they win ribbons with those patterns. Alice teachers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, across the country, in Canada and on cruises. Class curriculum includes a wide range of quilting techniques from Beginner's through Expert, with a special focus on a dozen different applique techniques - her true love (other than her family!) Through years of experience, she has developed many labor and time saving techniques.  Her joy is in watching students develop a love for and dedication to quilting, regardless of the style or method.

Alice is married to Bill, has six daughters, a son, six grandchildren and nine amazing great-grandchildren. She and Bill live in McKinney, Texas, along with their Scottish Terrier, Lucy.

"We welcome Alice back to TKDAA™ 2018, as a 4th year teacher and friend. Students love Alice dearly and all want to pack her in their suitcases to take her home with them!" - Kathy Dunigan