Bonnie Turner

Bonnie Turner is a fiber artist, designer, teacher, lecturer and co-owner of Log Cabin Fabrics. Bonnie has been quilting since 1986 when her husband told her she needed to get a hobby and as they say “the rest is history”. She specializes in memory quilt making, crazy quilting, embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery and fabric manipulation.

The making of memory quilts started after her nursing experience in Hospice in the early 1980’s. These quilts tend to take on a life of their own. Trying to capture the true sense of a person through photos, personal clothing, items of importance to the family and their loved one is a unique challenge. It’s an honor to be part of the life of someone you have never met, yet to be able to tell his or her story in a quilt. Bonnie has made quilts for the families of soldiers lost in war, fathers who died young and unexpectedly through illness or accident. Often these quilts are for the children as a way to remember and learn about their loved one’s story through the quilt.

Bonnie also did an Artist in Residency for a local school where 611 students and staff learned and created a quilt telling the story of the town’s history through drawings, painting, flower pounding, applique and embellishments. The quilt hangs in the entryway of the school and has the signatures of all who participated. She also worked with the ladies of Our Lady of Victory Church and taught them to quilt, each making a block to represent all the different aspects of the church such as hospitality, the Eucharist, bereavement, the church school etc. There is even a block with embroidered sheet music.

Bonnie enjoys the challenge of taking something unusual and putting it into a quilt. She has been asked to include a deer hide, part of a Birkenstock sandal, jewelry, theatre tickets, military badges, baby toys, Pokémon cards and written tributes of all kinds just to name a few.

Bonnie belongs to the AQS and Make it Sew. Bonnie has taught classes in hand quilting, fabric manipulation, embroidery, applique, memory quilting and much more.

Bonnie is married to her high school sweetheart and they have 4 wonderful children. Bonnie’s passion for all things quilt or quilt related has become more than a hobby; it’s become a way of life. Who knew that obtaining a hobby would become a life changing experience?

"This is Bonnie's 4th year teaching at TKDAA™. I have loved having Bonnie here with us in Texas; as an excellent and caring teacher, she always delights us with charming projects and memorable classes." - Kathy Dunigan