Deborah Gale Tirico


Deborah is an avid needle artist, designer, instructor and author. She has studied appliqué with national and internationl teachers and continues to study historical appliqué quilts and coverlets.


Her area of specialization is the creation of a sculptural look to felted wool appliqué by using needle tilting techniques and the layering and stuffing of wool pieces. Deborah’s designs feature matching and over-dyed wool threads, and embroidery embellishments which enhance and define the clarity of her subjects.


She is an active member of the EGA, EAC, NETA, PA quilters and Loundon Sampler Guild and enjoys teaching.


Her first book, “Gorgeous Wool Appliqué: A visual guide on adding dimension and unique embroidery” was released in October 2015 and her second book “Dimensional Wool Appliqué Baltimore Style which translates traditional Baltimore Album blocks into her own felted wool style was released in December 2016. She is currently working on her 3rd book to be released in the fall of 2018.

“We are so happy to have such an excellent needle artist come to join us for TKDAA™ 2018. Deborah has exquisite details and techniques that she can’t wait to share with you.” – Kathy Dunigan