Faye Labanaris                               

Faye says:  "Beautiful Appliqué by hand is my specialty.
I believe and teach so anyone can master Hand Applique.
I enjoy creating designs with Baltimore Elegance combined with New England Simplicity!"

Faye Labanaris is known for her beautiful award winning appliqué work. Her love of ribbon and flowers is an important part of her quilt making. She has taught throughout the United States, including Hawaii and in Great Britain. She thoroughly enjoys teaching and eagerly shares her knowledge with students and has classes to offer all levels of quilters from basics for beginners as well as challenging advanced quilters. Her personality shines through her presentations with humor and no-stress learning for her students.

Her classes include basic needle turn techniques, as well as Baltimore Album - style Appliqué, Hawaiian Quilt Appliqué, Ribbon Work Applique and techniques for making beautiful Dimensional Flowers with both French wire-edged ribbon and fabric.

She is the author of six books, Blossoms by the Sea - Making Ribbon Flowers for Quilts, Quilts With A View, Garden View Applique – Vintage Album Patterns, Applique Rose Garden – Vintage Album Patterns,  Ribbon Treasures from Celia’s Garden, and her most recent book,  America’s Quilted Garden Blocks, all published by the American Quilter’s Society, Paducah, Kentucky.

Faye is very proud of several honors and awards she has received. In 1994 Faye was honored to be voted National Honored Teacher by students in C&T Publishing’s First Baltimore Album Revival contest. Her quilt, A Tribute to Celia Thaxter (1835 - 1894), placed first in its category in that contest. It was a runner up in the 20th Century’s 100 Best Quilts sponsored by IQA. Her English Cottage Garden quilt won third place in the Innovative category in the 1998 Second Baltimore Revival contest and is a favorite quilt

Faye is a two time First place winner State winner in the Great American Quilt Festival sponsored by the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City. She has appeared on Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts TV program with an episode on Quilts with a View. Her teaching experience as a former High School Biology Teacher and a Science Consultant for Dover, N.H. Elementary Schools enables her to present clear and accurate teaching instruction for her classes.

She was the co-producer of “Quilt Hawaii”, a quilt show and conference held each year in July on a different Hawaiian Island, as well as Quilt Ventures Tours with trips to New England, Paducah, Ky and Lancaster, PA for 20 years.

Faye lives in Dover, New Hampshire. She is married with a very supportive husband and has two grown sons, who are happily married and are also in the arts. Faye is a doting grandmother to their first grandson, Nicky.

"Faye is our resident 'cheerleader' as she believes that every student can make glorious flowers and applique. She guides and teaches us with joy and good techniques and we are happy to have her offer classes for TKDAA ™ for the 4th annual event." - Kathy Dunigan

Email:  fayequilt@comcast.net
Website: www.FayeLabanaris.com
Address: 80 Mt. Vernon Street
                Dover, NH03820-2726

"I began my love of ribbon flowers after Elly asked me to make ribbon rosebud wreath for one of her early books. I learned to make ribbon flowers from her instructions and I soon fell madly in love with ribbon! Working with the wired edge ribbon takes on a life of its own and pretty soon new flowers are blooming in your hands! Once I realized the extent of creativity, the rest is happy history!  Given a choice between an fabric appliquéd flower and a pressed ribbon flower – there is no comparison, at least for me! I enjoy the gardening process and the finished look on my block.

For over 25 years, I have taught many people to make these beautiful flowers throughout the USA, Canada and the UK. I am inspired by Nature to create realistic looking flowers. Pansies seem to be everyone’s first love with roses a close second.

In addition to being inspired by Elly, I am also continually inspired by Celia Thaxter’s love of flowers. Although Celia lived over 150 years ago on a tiny island off the coast of NH and southern Maine, her love of flowers still lives on in her beautifully descriptive book, An Island Garden, published by Houghton Mifflin. This book is still available today and is a must read for all flower lovers everywhere!

I strongly believe everyone can master this art form quickly and easily. You can’t make an ugly flower. My experience as a high school biology teacher, before I stopped to have a family, has given me the expertise to provide a class with clear, concise and easy to follow instructions. You cannot make an ugly flower"