Myra Forbyn

I started quilting around 1992 with a machine that barely limped along. I knew nothing about tension or thread selection. While working at an aerospace company, I also worked part time at a store that sold sewing machines and had classes.  I discovered the joy of hand applique and decided that was where I wanted to go. Fast forward to 2000, my Auntie died and left me a little bit of money. Not quite enough to open my own quilt shop, but enough to buy fabric inventory. So I started vending at quilt shows. I soon discovered that anybody can sell fabric but you really need that special talent to be successful. Soon, I couldn't make my samples fast enough and had to teach myself machine applique. I bought a good machine and off I went!  I still love hand applique but discovered a talent for making pieces that can fool the eye into believing that it's hand applique from six feet away.  I am still learning and developing my skill but one of my biggest joys in life is to share with students. I want my students to leave class with a sense of accomplishment and and the realization that they have learned a lot of practical information from the class, as well.

"Myra has become one of our favorite teachers at TKDAA™; students absolutely love leaving class knowing they can now tackle any project, big or small, and oftentime leave with a completed project!" - Kathy Dunigan