TKDAA™ "Floral Fantasy" Challenge 2018

Every year we will have an annual Applique Challenge, open to every Conference Attendee.

For 2018, it is called TKDAA™ "Floral Fantasy" Challenge...". We will send every attendee registered for TKDAA™ 2018, a swatch of a pre-selected fabric that must be used in the block, along with requiring a flower or flowers of any kind, real or imagined, to be included in each participant's original design. Full details will be included with your registration packets mailed in September 2017.

To honor our wonderful friend, Elly Sienkiewicz, we have named our award after her.

It is known as “The Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Scholarship”… in short, "The Elly”! We will excitedly exclaim, “and The Elly goes to…."

The award presented to the top winner will be a gift for Conference Tuition for 2019, (valued at $500) graciously donated once again by Mercy and Jim Savage. Mercy was a beloved teacher in 2016 for us and she and Jim choose to help honor Elly in this way.

Prizes will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place winners and all entries will receive a special fabric pack, courtesy of The Quilted Peach™. We gratefully look forward to accepting your blocks into the possession of TKDAA™, to be used in future quilt projects that will benefit a charity designated by attendees of TKDAA™. If you would like to showcase a block, but not to be judged and not to become TKDAA™ property, we welcome you to make a block, as well.