Sharon says:

"I will let my quilts speak for me.  I started my quilting just like most of you - buying the wrong fabric, using the wrong batting, and using the wrong needles.  With time, I learned to use what really works for me, even though the product might not be known as the 'right one'. However, I do not, under any circumstances, compromise my standards. I had to learn what a scant quarter and a fat quarter were. Translating all those unusual terms that we use, so casually, was the next step. The first year was just a spin of learning and creating a base for future quilts.  For a novice, the learning curve is quite steep. I remember my grandmother quilting back in the 1960's, but everything was different when compared to today. I hope that the quilt world will be just as different for my grandchildren. When I first began, I had no idea that quilts were all hand pieced and hand quilted. I remember my Grandma Larsen counting the stitches per inch and ranting about being inconsistent, so that is where I went.  I set out to find how many stitches per inch I needed to make my quilts 'right'. I asked the wrong person once, and she told me that it was rude to ask. This was the first indication that I needed to be a teacher!"

Sharon Schamber's art background has brought her work directly into the spotlight. Her first quilt, entered in the "Jinny Beyer Borders on Brilliance Contest", won Best In Show in Houston, and there has been no looking back. Combining a wide variety of creative techniques, Sharon's quilts are not only impressive in their design and execution, but are sure to evoke emotional responses. 

Sharon was awarded the title of Master Quilter from The National Quilting Association. Sharon has also been awarded "Best of Show" and "Best Longarm Machine Quilting" at the 2006 AQS Quilt Show and Contest, Paducah, KY, for her quilts "Sedona Rose", and "Scarlet Serenade". If you have ever been privileged to view her masterpieces up close and personal, you will be overwhelmed with her clarity and the beauty and workmanship of her quilts. Sharon's other accomplishments include a gorgeous line of patterns, a simplified machine appliqué technique, machine embroidery patterns, and a unique hand-quilting method. Sharon lives in Arizona, surrounded by her children and wonderful grandchildren. She and her daughter, Cristy Fincher, an accomplished quilter and past TKDAA™ teacher herself, (visit Cristy at: share their love of quilting and have recently introduced the quilting world to their "Silk Society Stash", a new monthly fabric and thread collection.

"Sharon is and demonstrates the epitome of what applique is and can be. She has been teaching with us for the past 3 years and we cannot believe our good fortune to welcome her back to Texas." - Kathy Dunigan