Busy with TKDAA™ 2017 REGISTRATION and other things...

Yes, we are in full swing with our new registration beginning and we are hoping that you like what you see!  We also hope that you will be able to mark it down on your calendar and share a day or the whole week with us Feb 6-11, 2017.

For now, I am so content to stitch away on my Mary Manakee pattern of old. I began this pattern in the early 2000's I believe, but for some reason never continued past Block 1. Imagine that! The bleached muslin that I chose for the quilt was so starck white and that I just never got excited about it. Figure that lonely block will one day be a pillow. Fast forward to 2016, with the most wonderful Moda background that I had been holding onto for just the right project. I grabbed my patterns and there it was! Mary was going to take shape! 

I am loving every minute of this fun quilt and am only just starting on Block 3. You can maybe still find the Pattern with DAR museum online or perhaps on Amazon. Get yourself the pattern and join me in making this quilt and we can inspire each other to move along on it. Also, my One Day Class at TKDAA™2017 is based on one of the Blocks from the Pattern, so you could join me for that class on Feb 6, 2017!

Here are my 2 Blocks; I am still going to continue adding more embellishments with thread work and beads and such. It takes a long time for me to know when a block is "just right". It is like saying goodbye to an old friend, when I actually finish stitching one. Especially for me, as I procrastinate actually putting blocks together into a top! Ah, doesn't really matter to me right now. The applique is what I want to be doing for now!