A Message from Elly...

Hello One and All,

We want to give you news of Elly Sienkiewicz and her now closed Williamsburg Appliqué Academy®, TESAA®. Here is an update that she wishes for us to share with you, to clarify that her beloved event is now, indeed, closed…

Elly says, “I decided to end The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy® in Williamsburg, VA — and to retire from full-time teaching to finish four promised books. It was a good decision as I'm blessed with a large multi-generation family deserving more attention, a home of 43 years stuffed with ... stuff to empty out, and a desire to publish two volumes on Baltimore Albums, I. the revival, and ll. what now discern about the antique Baltimore’s historic intentions. Finally, I intend to bring back my Baltimore block and border patterns with advanced lessons sharing Baltimore Revivalist genius.” 

She continues with, “TESSA® In March, 2014, I closed "TESAA" tm, the Appliqué Academy® (a registered trademark) and my website, EllySienkiewicz.com. EllySienkiewicz.com appears to have been quickly snapped up on the web by a gambling site! I suppose imitation implies flattery ...  :-) I, myself, am now EllySienkiewicz.net though it is hard to find.

And finally, Elly states, “Though firmly retired from my beloved traveling to teach, I have been honored to be invited to participate in an emeritus capacity at "The Kathy Dunigan Academy of Applique" in Dallas, Texas in February 2015 with a host of teacher friends I'm privileged to join. I'll be presenting (with the help of my husband) a trunk show of my quilts, and a purse class I never got to teach - along with the hand-embellished grandchildren’s fleece jackets it inspired. Kathy has asked me back in 2016 to  lead a three day independent  Friendship Study Circle for those who would bring a project they've begun, their questions on techniques, setting and border questions, inscriptions, Album History — anything they'd like to ask—, plus a finished piece to share — and I will do the same — bring something in progress, something finished. Folks have said I should record my family stories — I do enjoy visiting in this way ... so we've named this independent study course "Stitching and Stories with Elly." I secretly hope I'm invited back as long as people find this Friendship Circle informative and enjoyable. I do hope to make new friends and see some familiar faces of whom I do miss.”


Please consider joining Elly for her One Day Class in 2015 and be sure to get a spot at her wondrous Regal Trunkshow that we have scheduled during the 5 day TKDAA™ 2015.

Happy Fall to Y’all!

Kathy and JoAnn